Solutions In Software, Inc.

Software development and support for your organization.

Custom programming provides your company with a solutions that is unique to you.

Custom software

Solutions in Software, Inc. performs Systems Analysis, design, development, testing, and upgrades to software.


Change your current software or create new systems using a range of PC and IBM iSeries Software.


Converting from one system to another - we have a data center with nearly every type of media.  We can convert your files and software.   Are you ready to add new and faster modems, better software, new terminals, printers, memory, or peripherals?  


We can test your back up and recovery plan - are you sure you can recover in case of a hardware failure?  We can test your recovery plan using our hardware, and give you the peace of mind that you can recover from a crash.

> Custom software gives you a solution that is one of a kind.

> We take advantage of the latest technologies.

> The cost may be far lower than you expect.

> We are adaptable to your situation.

> Built in security and quality

Software programming when you have to have it your way.

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Southeastern Michigan coverage:


We can convert your legacy AS/400 programs to the PC platform using our RPG—to—PC conversion toolset.  Run your RPG on the PC!